HuwaiH Cycling Gloves for Men/Women


Prior to getting my (Stella) new Trek Dual Sport 3 (Women’s) in October 2020, I had never worn biking gloves. However, the handlebars on this bike are a little different from those of my prior bike, and I immediately noticed that my hands were getting really sweaty. After careful research, I decided upon HuwaiH Cycling Gloves and I could not be happier. They are so wonderful that I purchased a pair for Larry as well. The gloves come with a zippered bag, which we diligently use for each of our gloves to keep them clean and prevent them from getting lost/separated. 

FIT: These are available in sizes Small through Extra Large. I have the Small; Larry has the Large. They have an adjustable Velcro wrist strap and are easy to put on/take off using the little pull loops at the edge of the second and third finger holes. NOTE: Hands and fingers expand when they get really hot. If significant swelling is a concern when you are biking, it might be ideal to go up one size.

PALM PADDING: Padding is important because your palms can get sore on long bike rides. On the flip side, really thick padding can be cumbersome and distracting. The padding on these gloves is ideal for us, with just enough cushioning in the padded section below the fingers and along the lower palm. Additionally, the silicone on the padded areas keeps our hands firmly in place on the handlebars, which is also a highly desirable feature.

BREATHABILITY: This is another important feature, and it is the primary reason why I wanted biking gloves. The material on top of the glove is mesh, allowing for great airflow. While our hands do get hot, these gloves prevent our hands from getting sweaty and slipping all over the handlebars.

DURABILITY: We have worn the HuwaiH Cycling Gloves for two years, and have biked hundreds of miles with them and they are still perfectly intact. That being said, this is a tried and true product! 

BOTTOMLINE: We never bike without them.

Overall: Excellent

Price Paid: $14.99 + tax

Place Purchased: Amazon

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