CATEYE, Padrone Wireless Bike Computer

Biking is one of our favorite activities, and when traveling, we are always looking for bike trails. Over the years, we have biked short, medium and long distances. The longest distance that we have biked in one day was 50 miles on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes last year (2022). During that same trip, … Continue reading CATEYE, Padrone Wireless Bike Computer

MEACHOW 2022 New Bar End Bike Mirror

I (Stella) have wanted a bicycle mirror for years, and I had reviewed dozens of different ones but I just couldn’t make up my mind. I finally decided upon the Meachow 2022 New Bar End Bike Mirror and I am very pleased with it. I placed it on my Trek Dual Sport 3. SET UP: All … Continue reading MEACHOW 2022 New Bar End Bike Mirror

TeamObsidian Bike Cover

After several years of "testing," I am sharing my thoughts on the TeamObsidian Bike Cover (formerly DAVANDI). We purchased the bike cover to protect our bikes from the elements and prying eyes. We originally bought the bike cover in June 2019 and have since upgraded our bikes as well, Stella now rides on a Trek … Continue reading TeamObsidian Bike Cover

Zipoute Snorkel Set

We recently embarked on a cruise through the eastern Caribbean. Several years ago, I had gone on a snorkeling excursion on my one and only prior cruise and I recall that it had taken a few different masks to find the ideal fit. This time around, I decided to purchase my own mask. After careful … Continue reading Zipoute Snorkel Set

HuwaiH Cycling Gloves for Men/Women

Prior to getting my (Stella) new Trek Dual Sport 3 (Women’s) in October 2020, I had never worn biking gloves. However, the handlebars on this bike are a little different from those of my prior bike, and I immediately noticed that my hands were getting really sweaty. After careful research, I decided upon HuwaiH Cycling … Continue reading HuwaiH Cycling Gloves for Men/Women

Bairuifu Dry Top Foldable Snorkel Mask

As a first-time snorkeler, I (Stella) wanted something that would provide the most comfortable and enjoyable experience. I didn't want the traditional snorkel because I didn't want to clamp my mouth and teeth around something. And, I don't like the idea of having to breathe through my mouth because I am accustomed to breathing through … Continue reading Bairuifu Dry Top Foldable Snorkel Mask

Bjorn DAEHLIE P0wer Pants (Women)

Ski pants, snow pants, what's the difference? And why are cross-country ski pants so expensive? If you are thinking that any pair of snow pants will work just fine for cross-country skiing, you are right…to a degree. Anything to protect your legs from the elements will work. However, there is a reason why there are … Continue reading Bjorn DAEHLIE P0wer Pants (Women)