Tochta Utopia Hinged RV Mattress

Tochta Utopia Hinged Mattress

The 2022 Winnebago Micro Mini FLX 2108DS travel trailer comes with a 6″ wedge mattress specifically designed for the murphy bed. That mattress is comprised of (what looks like) tiny plastic coils with a thin layer (less than ¼”) of some type of foam padding on top. In our prior travel trailer, we had a very comfortable 3″ memory foam mattress topper and figured that would provide sufficient comfort with the wedge mattress as well. WRONG!

We could feel the wedge edges and coils right through the memory foam topper. We always woke with very sore backs and necks, so we needed find a solution. Not only was it uncomfortable, but the entire bedding was a little tight for the murphy bed mechanism to work ideally. We had the 6″ standard mattress + 3″ memory foam topper + 1″ bedding = 10″. Because of this thickness, we had to stuff and push the bed into the upright position, and it didn’t go back as far as it should.

After weeks of research, including trying (and failing) to get answers from Winnebago, we learned that we did not need to have a wedge style of mattress for the murphy bed. A hinged mattress, which is what other RV manufacturers use for their murphy beds, would work in the same fashion. 

WEDGE: A diagonal split in the mattress, which allows one section to slide slightly over the top of the other section when moved into the upright position.

HINGE: A horizontal or diagonal split in the mattress, which allows the mattress to hinge into an L-shape when moved into the upright position. (If you would like specific information about how we measured for the hinge, please contact us and we can explain this).

We read dozens of reviews for two custom RV mattress manufacturers who make mattresses to a specific size and cut: Tochta and Mattress Insider. Below, I will explain the key differences between them and explain why we chose a Tochta mattress.


We visited the showroom for Mattress Insider, located in Littleton, Colorado and spent about an hour there, learning as much as we could about their manufacturing process, mattress materials and customization (manufactured in South Carolina). Mattress Insider uses high-quality foam, allows for many variations of types of foam and is quite inexpensive. When we left, we felt fairly confident that we would like the feel of the mattress that we had designed that evening. And, the price was what we had talked about spending for a mattress.

One thing, however, had nagged in the back of my (Stella) mind. For their hinged mattress, the two separate pieces are stitched together with a piece of fabric. And the entire mattress is then placed inside of cover. I was concerned about the cover potentially sliding around and causing friction on the foam within. And, I could see the cover getting stretched out and sagging after a period of time. When the cover is then removed for washing, the foam is exposed. Purposefully, the cover is not on the mattress super tight so that it can be removed and washed.


We then began researching Tochta. The company is located in California and the mattresses are manufactured in California, which enables them to have full control over the entire process. Both Larry and I spoke with Bryan, the owner, about their mattresses in great detail. The foam that they use is exceptionally high quality, which could explain the higher price point. 

Tochta offers two different mattresses that are ideal for RV customization: Journey and Utopia. I inquired about the differences(s) between the two to understand the price difference. Both are made with the same materials, but the Utopia has one additional inch of the memory foam layer, making it more comfortable. I wasn’t able to find much information online about the Journey because the Utopia is their most popular mattress.

Most importantly, what really appealed to us about the way Tochta constructs their hinged mattress, is that the two sections are combined with the top layer of the pad; one seamless piece. Those two pieces are then encased in a durable, non-removable cover. It fits very tightly around the foam, and the material around the sides of the mattress is a denim type of material. I then place my own removable mattress cover over the entire thing. We do not feel the hinge at all because it is seamless.

Tochta Utopia Hinged Mattress

I (not Larry) mulled over the price for a few days, and finally decided that the Tochta mattress was the best fit for what we wanted, even though it was over $300 more than the one by Mattress Insider. The decision primarily came down to the hinge design (the seamless pad going across the top), and we believe that the Tochta mattress will wear better over time because of their design. But there were also a few other things that made Tochta stand out as well: They offer a 100 day trial period, and we like that the mattresses are made right there. 

COMFORT: The Tochta mattress can be made with any specification needed. We ordered a 6″ Short Queen, 54×70; hinge located at 27″ from the head. Larry and I are over 100lb difference in weight, which needed to be taken into account. And because there is such a disparity between our weights, it would make sense that our bodies would have different comfort preferences.

After sleeping on it for a few nights, the cushion level was adequate for him. For me, however, it wasn’t quite cushiony enough, as it was just a touch too firm. To compensate for this, I ordered a ZINUS 1″ Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Zoned Support Mattress Topper (Full size) on Amazon, which has now made the mattress heavenly for both Larry and I. It is so comfortable that I don’t want to get up in the morning!

It is important to note that just because I felt the need to add additional cushion to the mattress does not mean that the Tochta mattress is uncomfortable. I am a very small person, and I am overly sensitive to cushion levels. I simply needed more cushion for my hips since I am a predominately side sleeper. 

FUNCTIONALITY: The hinge on the Tochta mattress works perfectly. Now, we have a 6″ mattress + 1″ topper + 1″ bedding = 8″. And when we lift the bed’s platform into the upright position, we no longer have to push and stuff to get it to go up. We just lift it up a little bit and the bed automatically goes back into position on it’s own, which is the way it should work. Another bonus is that the mattress was fully expanded within a few minutes of removal from the packaging.

FINAL THOUGHTS: There is a lot to consider when deciding what mattress to purchase for an RV since the ones that come with them are seldom comfortable. We are extremely pleased with our custom hinged Tochta mattress for comfort, functionality and quality of materials. We hope that this review will help you determine what style of hinged mattress may be best for your RV. 

Overall: Excellent Purchase

Price Paid: $795.15 (including shipping and applicable taxes)

Place Purchased: Tochta

Tochta Website:

Note: We received a small discount from Tochta in exchange for writing a review for the Utopia mattress.

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