Osprey Rev 6 Hydration Pack

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Osprey Rev 6 Hydration Pack 1.5L

Prior to purchasing the Osprey Reb 6 Hydration Pack I had been using a waist hydration pack by Ultimate Direction. However, once we moved to Colorado, I needed to be able to carry more gear with me due to the unpredictable weather up in the mountains. However, I am a petite person with back problems, so I was on the lookout for a minimalist hydration pack that would provide just enough room for the water reservoir, and space for some extra clothing/items.

FUNCTIONALITY: The moment I set eyes on the Osprey Rev 6 Hydration Pack, I knew that it would be perfect for my needs. First, there is a durable handle strap at the very top of the pack to simply lift the pack up. Second, the body of the pack provides ample room for two different types of gloves, two different types of head gear, one or two extra layering pieces, and there are multiple pockets in all different places on the pack to store things. Thirdly, there is a plastic flip phone space on the chest strap (I have never used it), as well as loopholes to attach things (ex. an emergency whistle, mini blinking light).

My favorite feature of this pack, however, are the adjustable bungee cords on the very outside of the pack (facing away from you). They are perfect for securely stuffing a coat in them, which I do regularly in the winter. The bungees can strap in tight, or be expanded. The only thing this pack does not have is a strap specifically designed to carry trekking poles. However, you can easily do this by using some velcro straps. 

COMFORT: The padded front chest straps are wide, and lie very comfortably upon my shoulders. There are two adjustable straps that secure the pack around your body. The top strap sits above my breasts, and the other sits about four inches above my belly button. The body of the pack that lies against my back is soft and cushioned, with breathable mesh fabric. And most importantly, the pack rests perfectly in the center of my back, providing me with a very ergonomic fit. This pack adjusts very well to fit over any type of clothing.

WATER BAFFLE/COMPONENTS: The Osprey Reb 6 Hydration Pack comes with a 1.5L baffle. In the other main zippered section (the one closest to your back) is where the baffle is placed. There is a plastic barrier that you slide the water baffle down into, which helps to keep the baffle in place. And there is a small hook at the top of the pack that loops onto the top of the water baffle, preventing the water baffle from sagging down inside of the pack.

There is an easy on/off valve on the mouthpiece, which I strongly recommend closing when you are finished with the pack for the day otherwise it may leak. After two years of use, I replaced the mouthpiece with a fresh one, and purchased a valve cover to prevent the rubber portion of the mouthpiece from getting lint/hair stuck to it. And after using this for four years, I replaced the baffle because it had begun to leak.

Last year, I put some insulated neoprene on the tubing to prevent the water from freezing in it, and though the neoprene sleeve was a challenge to put on, it has worked perfectly! In the winter, after taking a drink, remember to always blow the water back into the baffle. I also have had the water that’s left in the mouthpiece freeze, but I have been able to break those icy pieces up by biting down on the mouthpiece.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I have had the Osprey Reb 6 Hydration Pack for over five years now, and have worn it biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking. All of the straps, zippers and bungees are still holding strong, which says a lot because this pack has gotten a ton of use! And the pack has always provided me with ample space for everything that I need, and provides a comfortable fit. I anticipate that it will continue to serve me well for many more years to come.

NOTE: This particular pack is no longer made or sold by Osprey, but it is still available through various retailers online. Additionally, here are links to the Osprey Daylite Review and the Osprey Kestrel 38 Review.

Overall: Excellent Purchase

Price paid: $79.93 (On Sale)

Place purchased: REI, Denver Flagship

Link to REI website: REI

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