Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization


There are so many ways to organize an RV! The Micro Minnie FLX is smaller than our prior travel trailer, so we had to re-think how to organize and store “stuff.” Figuring out the interior organization was my (Stella’s) task, and I ended up purchasing a lot of new items for the FLX so that everything would fit better within the new spaces. And, there is still a great deal of space for more stuff if needed.

We are very pleased with the interior set up with the exception of the storage space beneath the seats of the booth dinette; that area is still a work in progress. Larry is planning to install a pull out shelf on one side; the other side is where we place the vacuum, swiffer, distilled water, and other miscellaneous items. Please see the pictures below and let us know your thoughts on our interior organization.

Micro Minnie FLX

Kitchen cupboard above sink:

  • Standing napkin holder
  • Standing silverware holder (LOVE THIS!)
  • Plastic stacking shelf with silicone interior (9.38 x 7.63 x 1.5)
  • Coffee machine
  • Coffee cups (3)
  • Drinking glass
Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

Top kitchen drawer beneath sink:

  • Reusable silicone storage bags (4); on the bottom underneath the containers
  • Collapsible silicone storage containers (2 sets of 4 containers)
  • Large collapsible silicone storage container; on the botton underneath the other containers
  • 5 cup glass dish with silicone sleeve and lid
  • 2 cup glass dish with silicone sleeve and lid
  • Extra small tupperware containers (2)
Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

Bottom kitchen drawer beneath sink:

  • Cutting boards (2); one for meats (red) and one for non-meats (green)
  • Plastic silverware holders with silicone interior for steak knives/kitchen knives (2)
  • Chip clips (3)
  • Drink coozies (3)
Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

Kitchen drawer beneath stovetop:

  • Large ceramic soup/salad bowls (2)
  • Small plastic bowls (4)
  • Small plastic round plates (4)
  • Large plastic, multi-section rectangular plates (6)
  • Large plastic drinking cups (4)
  • Large glass measuring cup
  • Creamic charcuteride plate
  • Silicone spoon holder
  • Standing grater/shredder
  • Deep plastic storage container for the necessary utensils (14.5 x 8 x 6)
Interior Organization

Cupboard beneath kitchen sink:

  • 3 qt plastic garbage bin
  • Hooks to hold a large plastic bag for the recycling, which we bring home with us. This provides a ton of space for the bag to spread out versus placing the recycling in a container. We always have triple the amount of recycling as compared to “garbage.”
  • Over the cabinet double towel bar (9 x 3.5 x 3.25); one bar for the hand towel and one for the drying towel. 
Interior Organization

Kitchen pantry beneath television:

  • 6 qt plastic containers to hold spices, oil, vinegar and other small items on the first shelf (2)
  • The other shelves are still a work in progress
Interior Organization

Other kitchen area items: 

  • Towel bar above the stove for the dish drying mat on (22 x 2.2 x 3.5)
  • Paper towel holder is handy right underneath the microwave
  • Protecting the glass stovetop from scratches is really important to me. To protect it AND have extra counter space, I keep a 24×21 non-slip mat over it and it fits perfectly. The mat has rubber on the bottom and the top is a smooth nylon material that is easy to clean. The mat is specifically designed for glass stovetops. This is one of my favorite purchases for the FLX!
Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

Kitchen sink:

  • Metal sink protector
  • Collapsible container (4.7 x 10.75 x 14.75); we prefer to place our dirty dishes in this instead of directly on the sink protector. We also like to wash our dishes in this to help save grey tank space.
  • Silicone sponge/cast iron scrub brush
  • Suction cup sponge/cast iron brush holders; I love the minimalist style of these and they stay perfectly in place on the wall of the sink.
Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization


I placed silicone mats on each shelf to prevent scratches. The mats also allow for quiet and secure placement of things onto the shelves. 

Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

Bathroom shower towels:

  • Initially, our shower towels hung on individual hooks (like my robe), but we changed to the towel rings and really like the way they look.
  • Memory foam shower mat gets tucked behind the toilet when not in use. 
Interior Organization

Bathroom above sink:

  • Towel bar 13 x 2.25 x 5.06 
  • Bril toothbrush holders/sanitizers
Interior Organization

Bathroom linen cabinet:

  • Hanging mesh laundry hamper attached to the cabinet door (10.2 x 6.6 x 13.7)
  • Three-shelf hanging organizer (12 ¾ x 12 ¾ x 32) 
Interior Organization

Bathroom bottom cabinet:

  • Hairdryer holder
  • Plastic cabinet organizer (12 x 9) 
  • Hook for drying rag (for sink splashes)
  • Hook for round face mirror
Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

Bathroom cabinet beneath sink:

  • Toilet paper
  • Floor cleaner
  • Floor wipes (for Swiffer)
  • Extra dish soap
  • Toilet treatment drop-ins
  • Box of 3 qt compostable garbage bags
Interior Organization


We did not want the television when we had purchased the FLX but we figured the dealership was not going to lop off several hundred dollars from the total price if we asked them to remove it. To fully protect it, I purchased a heavy-duty 32 inch cover. Once the cover is placed over the television, you just flip up the front flap and toss it behind the television. When you are finished using it, pull the flap forward and Velcro it back together. 

Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

Cupboard above television:

Larry found a basket that fits perfectly, which is what we keep all of the remotes in along with other miscellaneous items.

Over bed storage net:

Larry installed a long net so the space may be utilized for for extra pillows and blankets, storage bags, etc. This is a great way to utilize this space and keep stuff secure! 

Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

Bedside closets:

Eight-shelf hanging organizer (9 x 11.8 x 48). These fit perfectly inside of the extremely narrow closet. But because the organizer is longer than the closet, we can only utilize five of the shelves (plus the space on top). The other three shelves just collapse underneath itself. 

The shelves are big enough to place folded clothing items. And because the organizer is not as deep as the closet, we can still place a lot of clothing behind them. When we need to access that area behind it, we just lift it up and reach back there. However, the shelves are already starting to sag a bit from the weight of the clothing. But that is ok – it still works great in that unusually sized space. We also have a hook on the cabinet door for hats.

Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

Bedside beneath closet:

  • 10 quart plastic storage bins (2) (16.25x11x5). Two of these fit perfectly in this space and they are ideal for small clothing items (socks, underwear, running clothes, swimsuits, etc.). Larry does not have these on his side of the bed since he uses that space for his CPAP machine.
Interior Organization

Drawers directly beneath bed:

We each have one drawer for our own purposes. My drawer is used for card/board games (we have a lot), crafts, heating pad, etc. Larry uses his drawer for all of his technology items (cameras, GoPro, charging cables, etc.) that I do not touch.

Cabinets beneath bed (to the left and right sides):

I use mine for specifically for shoe storage. I do not know what Larry puts in his, although I wish he would put his shoes in it instead of leaving them out for me to trip on.

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