Before I jump into the review for Beddy’s very unique product, I would like to preface with this: it is expensive! When you see the price at the end of this review, you may likely think, “there is no way I would spend that much money on bedding for an RV!” I too was astonished when I first saw the price of these BUT they are worth every penny. It has made making the murphy bed in our 2022 Winnebago FLX 2108DS so much easier! 

When we first purchased our FLX travel trailer, I struggled making the bed each day because it was nearly impossible to lift the head of the mattress in order to completely tuck the sheet and bedspread underneath it. I didn’t want to leave it hanging out because then, when the platform of the murphy bed was lifted into an upright position, they would be seen hanging out along the sides. I absolutely did not want that.

As I was researching a new mattress for the murphy bed, I stumbled across a website where the Beddy’s were discussed. I was immediately interested and went to the Beddy’s website and purchased one (the Reese). It was (and is) the perfect solution for the murphy bed in our RV. I love it so much that I could not imagine using the murphy bed in our travel trailer without it! Please continue reading to learn about why the Beddy’s is such an awesome product overall, but more specifically, for a murphy bed in an RV.

FUNCTION: Envision a sleeping bag that folds around a mattress. That is kind of what this is like. When you remove the Beddy from the bag (do not throw away the bag) the product will be zipped together as one big piece. In that position, it is ready to be placed onto the mattress. Pull the elastic corners down around all four ends of the mattress, with the opening at the head of the bed. 


To prepare the Beddy’s for bed, zip down each side as far as you want it to go. Larry likes his side zipped all the way down to the very end of the bed, while I prefer it only half way down. When you are ready to make the bed, simply tuck the minky flaps inside and carefully zip each side up to the top. That’s it! No separate bed sheets needed (see exception to this later on). But I do still put a waterproof mattress protector over our Tochta mattress, and the Beddy’s fits on top of it.


NOTE: When zipping up the sides, be sure to thread your fingers in front of the zipper to prevent it from snagging on the material. This is very important because you don’t want the fabric to tear from getting snagged. Always take your time zipping it up.

To remove the Beddy from the mattress, it is easiest to remove as one combined unit versus unzipping into two separate pieces. Whenever we remove the Beddy for cleaning, we always put it back into the bag that it came with. And then when it’s done being cleaned, we put it back into the bag before we put it back onto the bed. We don’t want to risk anything happening to it. 

Beddy’s come in all different sizes, colors and fabric patterns. For our 2022 Winnebago FLX 2108DS, I purchased a Queen size Reese color/style. It fits perfectly, even though the bed in the travel trailer is smaller than a traditional Queen mattress. Also, I use bed sheet fastener straps on both the mattress protector and the Beddy to keep everything in place (top and bottom). I do not like sleeping on wrinkles or clumps of fabric that gets shifted around while sleeping. These work really, really well!

Reese Beddy's

COMFORT: The unique comfort feature is the inner top layer called “minky.” It is a super soft material that is textured like little bubbles. It is hard to explain as I’ve never seen or felt anything like it. It is stitched to the underside of the top comforter layer. Along the perimeter of the Beddy, there is also a long flap of minky that acts a bed sheet to ensure your body is fully covered on each side of the Beddy. 


The top comforter layer is very, very warm! It is not overly thick, but wow does it hold in the heat! In the summer, to stay a little cooler, I will sometimes place a regular bed sheet down inside of the Beddy’s and roll the top comforter layer down to the end of the bed so that we just have the sheet over us. But I think many people do not like to sleep with it as cool as Larry and I do. Our ideal sleeping temperature is about 62 degrees (or lower). 

CARE: This is an expensive product, so we are diligent to care for it as the manufacturer recommends. We always wash and dry it in two separate sections, and always on the delicate cycle. For the initial cleaning when you first get it, be sure to following the instructions on the package insert. And as I mentioned above, we always transport it in the bag that it came with to protect it.


  • Fabric: We have used this all summer and the cotton layer (i.e. material that you lay on) has not pilled at all from the friction of our bodies on it. And, I do not anticipate that this will ever pill due to the high quality of the product. I am completely intolerant of pilled sheets. Both the top comforter layer and the minky have held up well with no fraying/loosening of the stitches around seams whatsoever.
  • Zippers: Same as above, the zippers are very large and have held up well with no fraying/loosening of the stitches around seams whatsoever.
  • Elastic corners: We have taken the Beddy’s on/off all summer for cleaning and the elasticity in the corners is still the same as when we had purchased it. With that said, however, because is a little larger due to the smaller sized RV bed, I strongly recommend using the fastener straps to keep it tightly in place on the mattress.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Beddy’s are made for any type of bed, not just murphy beds. But we bought this specifically for the murphy bed in our travel trailer. It has made the process of making the bed a breeze. If you are on the fence because of the price, I recommend just taking the plunge and buying it. You will love it, and with proper care it will last many years to come. And, if you want something really warm for those cooler nights, then this will definitely be for you.

Overall: Excellent Purchase

Price Paid: $300.57 (including shipping and applicable taxes)

Place Purchased: Beddy’s

Beddy’s Website:

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  1. Wow that is pricy, but well worth it and perfect for your needs. It sounds fantastic. Wish I had known about it when we had our RV. Great info, thank you so much !!!

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