Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Mesh Back Canopy Chair

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Mesh Back Canopy Chair

With the purchase of our new Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX, Larry and I set out to find some comfortable, folding camping chairs to keep in the back of the Tahoe. Larry had his ideas of what he wanted, while I had something different in mind. I determined that the Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Mesh Back Canopy Chair is what suited my desires. 

There are so many choices on the market for folding camping chairs that it can be exhausting if you don’t already know what you are looking for/need. For mine, I didn’t need one that was intended for backpacking nor one that is ultra compact like the Big Six Camp Chair Larry purchased.

I looked online and at Cabela’s one evening. While there, I sat in multiple different types of chairs, and while I did like a folding rocking chair, it is not the one that I chose. I decided upon this chair because of the versatility that the folding top provides. I can choose to either have a canopy over my head or not. And for me, this is a huge bonus because I don’t always want to roast in the sun if there isn’t any shade available. 

COMFORT: Finding a comfortable chair is sometimes very challenging for me because I am so short. This chair is comfortable enough. I like the adjustable canopy, and the cup holder is large enough to fit drinks placed in a can koozie. 

Eclipse Mesh Back Canopy Chair

PORTABILITY: Because I didn’t need a really lightweight chair, this opened up a lot of options for me. With that said, however, I also didn’t want a really large, heavy chair that would be too cumbersome to manage. This chair weighs about 10 pounds. The accompanying carry bag does have a shoulder strap, but I have not used it yet. When packed up, the length is about half my height, which could make it a bit awkward for me to carry in that fashion. Dimensions: 49″H x 22″W x 18.5″D. Seat height: 18”. Packed size: 37″L x 8″W x 8″H

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Mesh Back Canopy Chair

CONSTRUCTION: I am not a heavy person so I cannot attest to the overall durability and construction of this chair with regards to withstanding a great deal of weight (it has a max weight of 225 pounds). The chair is made with a steel frame, which feels durable. The rest of the chair is made with thick, water-resistant polyester fabric. And a portion of the back rest has a nylon mesh panel for breathability. I have used this chair many times and every component has held up very well.

Eclipse Mesh Back Canopy Chair

ASSEMBLY: Unlike Larry’s complicated tent-like chair, this chair opens just like any other regular folding camping chair. Pull it open from the top or bottom and plop down in it. To raise the canopy, lift it up above the chair and lock it into place on the bar on each side of the chair. To put the canopy down, unlock the two clips and push it down behind the chair. NOTE: It can be a little difficult to push the rods out of the clips because they hold very tight! And, despite the slightly larger size of this chair (due to the canopy section), it goes into the accompanying carry bag with ease. There is also a Velcro strap to the secure around the circumference of the chair when folded.

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Mesh Back Canopy Chair

FINAL THOUGHTS: I am very pleased with the Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Mesh Back Canopy Chair, especially because of the adjoining canopy. It is super easy to use, lightweight enough for our purposes and comfortable to spend time in reading a book, fishing and sitting around a campfire. If you are interested in a durable folding camping chair that has a canopy for shade, then I suggest checking this one out.

Overall All: Excellent Purchase

Price Paid: $44.99 plus tax

Place Purchased: Cabela’s

Link to Cabela’s Website: Cabela’s

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