Idaho Panhandle~Canada Adventure

For the last three years, Larry and I had expressed interest in taking a summer trip to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. But the breadth of this adventure evolved into so much more than we had anticipated as we began planning it in March 2022 while in Aspen. It eventually tied in with the purchase of our … Continue reading Idaho Panhandle~Canada Adventure

Epic Wild West Summer Vacation 2020

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park Our Epic Wild West Summer Vacation 2020 began late afternoon on Wednesday. The Tahoe was packed and ready to take us to Rock Springs, Wyoming, which has been a middle stopping point for many of our trips over the years. Per the itinerary that we had posted previously, our … Continue reading Epic Wild West Summer Vacation 2020

Redfish Lake, Day 1

Wednesday, July 26th, Day 1, we began the day with the intent of kayaking Red Fish Lake; however, the weather was not cooperating. Determining the weather will move out shortly, we grabbed our packs and head to the Redfish Lake Trailhead. After signing in, we began our trek to the Bench Lakes. It is a … Continue reading Redfish Lake, Day 1