POTW: Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday, the pika, a small but remarkable alpine mammal, plays a vital role in its mountainous ecosystem. They are known for their distinct whistling calls and adorable appearance. Pikas are incredible in their ability to adapt to life in the harsh alpine and subalpine environments. They inhabit talus slopes, rocky outcrops, and boulder fields, where they build intricate burrow systems within the crevices and gaps between rocks. These burrows provide shelter from extreme temperatures and predators while also serving as food storage chambers. During the short alpine growing season, pikas forage for a variety of vegetation, including grasses, herbs, and wildflowers, which they dry and store in their burrows to sustain them through the long winters when food is scarce.

One of the most intriguing aspects of pikas is their sensitivity to climate change. They are considered an indicator species, which means their population trends can provide valuable insights into the health of their alpine ecosystems. Pikas are highly susceptible to rising temperatures, and as their habitats warm, they are forced to migrate to higher elevations to escape the heat. However, this adaptation has its limits, and as mountain environments change, pikas may find themselves with nowhere else to go, making them vulnerable to extinction. These resilient and endearing animals remind us of the delicate balance of life in some of the world’s harshest environments.

This pika was photographed on Mount Blue Sky, previously known as Mount Evans, click the link to see more of my adventure to the summit of Mount Blue Sky.

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