Micro Minnie FLX ~ Moving the Spare Tire

Moving the Spare Tire

Moving the spare tire falls into the category of, “Why didn’t we do this last year?” Since we have far more traveling planned in 2023 with our Micro Minnie FLX, this project became important. After scouring the internet for ideas, I settled upon securing the spare tire into brackets between the propane tanks and the front of the FLX.

Up until now, our current solution was placing the spare tire in the back of the Tahoe, which then allowed us to attach our RockyMounts BackStage Hitch Rack in the back of the FLX. This worked okay, but the spare tire took up quite a bit of space in the Tahoe and it was a hassle constantly having to move it around.

Follow the video below to see our solution for moving the spare tire. Feel free to reach out with questions.

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2 thoughts on “Micro Minnie FLX ~ Moving the Spare Tire

  1. Great video, thank you ! I’ll be doing the same thing. Wondering if you could show exactly where you attach the tie-down hooks and exactly where you place the ratchet. I have the same trailer and the area is very tight, I can barely move the ratchet handle and the bulk of the ratchet seems to hit the tire in a bad place with no adjustment for length from the hook (on the ratchet side) to the ratchet itself.

    1. Chris, I took a few additional photos to show you where I have the ratchet located plus how I attached the straps to the tire. Unfortunately, I am unable to post them in this link. Please reach out at info@basecampgrandlake.com and I will share the additional photos.

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