Micro Minnie FLX: CP Plus Panel

Micro Minnie FLX: CP Plus Panel

We traveled with our Micro Minnie FLX to Estes Park in October for our last outing with it for the season, camping along the banks of the Big Thompson River. Unbeknownst to us, we were about to learn that our CP plus panel was not working. It is needed in order to control the Truma VarioHeat unit, and the temperatures were predicted to be at freezing that night. Earlier in the year, we had an issue where the CP plus panel flickered in and out, preventing us from adjusting the controls. At that time, I was able to somehow reset the panel and it continued to work throughout the remainder of the summer without incident.

A little back story: when we picked up the FLX from the dealer, they had to replace the existing Connexx radio. I will explain how this all ties in together shortly. Now, back to our camping experience with no heat. In addition to the CP plus panel not working, the USB port near that panel also was not working. I began troubleshooting by removing the CP plus panel and making certain all the connections were snug and nothing came loose from our travels over the summer. I then checked the fuse that is located inline as well. All connections were secure and the fuse was not blown. The next step would have been to remove the Connexx radio. However, it was late and we chose to power through the first night. For the second night, I went into town and purchased a space heater, which made a significant difference.

After finally getting our appointment with the dealer 2+ months later, they removed the radio and determined that the USB port was not properly connected to the ground block, thus causing the failure of the panel. This most likely was the same cause of our issue earlier in the summer with the flickering. Take note, the USB port ties in with the CP plus panel and needs to be grounded properly to work. If your CP plus panel were to fail or you notice the nearby USB port not working, start by checking to make certain the devices are properly grounded. What makes this even odder is that the CP plus panel suddenly started working a few days before I dropped the FLX off at the dealership.

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