A Global Reality of A Small Town


Periodically I will share an article that has left an impression on me that I feel needs to be shared with those who enjoy the outdoors and small mountain towns. Stella and I spend a great majority of our time in Grand Lake, that is where Base Camp @ Grand Lake originated. However, Colorado, possesses many small and great mountain towns waiting to be explored by adventure enthusiasts. New Belgium Brewery through their Fat Tire brand has created a series named Headwinds. The story, A Global Reality of A Small Town, pertains to Ouray, Colorado a small mountain town that in reality survives on tourism throughout the year. The context of the story explores the new global reality in a Colorado mountain town.

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic we need to take a closer look at how we recreate in and around mountain towns. What can we do to ensure their survival until we return to the norm. Stella and I most likely witnessed this first hand as we stayed that last weekend in Grand Lake before the pandemic began to spread across all the Colorado mountain towns and the state mandated non – essential businesses to shut down and people stopped traveling into the mountains. Please take the 5 plus minutes to watch Headwinds; A Global Reality of A Small Town presented by Fat Tire and take a step back and ponder your next visit to the mountains.

The Never Summer Mountains

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