Part 3: Kayaker x Angler | Finding Common Ground


Now and then, you come across an article, video or a cause that stirs emotion within oneself, thus causing them to act. New Belgium Brewing Company has produced a three-part series depicting how conflict can be overcome with finding common ground through the sharing of public lands.

After watching Part Three of the Kayaker X Angler, a chord was struck within me. A few weeks ago, we were kayaking back in Columbine Bay on Lake Granby with the intent on paddling as far as we were able into the Colorado River that outflows from Shadow Mountain Lake. As the bay narrowed, the shoreline was full of dozens of anglers, who were both fishing and fly fishing in hopes of catching that elusive rainbow trout. And instead of paddling past and interrupting them, we chose to turn around at that point. We decided that it would be better to share the use of the water versus causing a rift.

Stella and I love the outdoors. In the summer months, we can be found kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and mountain biking. And in the winter, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are our beloved outdoor activities; the majority of our activities take place in National Forests or National Parks. There will always be conflict amongst users of public lands. Finding common ground is more than understanding why one uses our natural resources for outdoor recreation but a movement to protect those resources in the present and for generations to come. Learn more at Public Lands For All.

Kayaking Lake Granby
Kayaking Lake Granby, paddling out of Columbine Bay

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