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Looking for an interesting read as spring moves into summer? Why not add 18th Winter to your reading list. My wife, Stella, had spent the last 5+ years pouring her heart and soul into her book project, 18th Winter. Not did I only have the pleasure of partaking in her journey I also read the book after it had been published. Here is my take, first and foremost I do not typically read fiction, however with that said, I was immediately drawn into Collette’s world and wanting to discover what was to become of her and the forgotten legend of the Cyokiana. You will find yourself in sensory overload with every turn of the page, you feel you are one with Collette. The author describes in vivid detail Collette’s surroundings and her infatuation with Bryce. Each of the books characters intwine and weave a web mystery, some of which lead to the darkness of the legend. If you enjoy reading fantasy novels and want book to challenge your imagination this is a must read… do not be surprised if you come about a wrong conclusion once or twice. Overall a great read, I do look forward to Book 2. The book is available via Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback on Amazon. The link to her website is Stella J Raasch/18th Winter.

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