Shoulder Season is Officially Upon Us

Mount Baldy technically known as Mount Craig

Saturday morning, after a quick breakfast, we gassed up the Tahoe and headed to Base Camp. The trip, however, did not come with an adventure of trekking through the woods, climbing a mountain or kayaking a lake. Instead, we were there to close up Base Camp until the spring of 2018. Since we had already completed the winterizing the weekend prior, we only had a few things that still needed to get done, one of which Stella had been dreading: putting the cover on the trailer.

Just as we had started to remove the cover from the bag, a giant gust of wind swept over us, followed by a snowy blizzard; the mountains were unable to be seen through the white blur. Putting the cover on the trailer is challenging enough. Having to put it on in high wind and snow makes it even worse! However, at least I had a 10′ ladder to use, instead of the 6′ ladder that I had used last year.

Surprisingly, the process went fairly quickly, although our frozen hands certainly forced us to move with greater haste. Once we were certain that the cover was secure, we headed into town to Never Summer Mountain Products to check on some Oboz boots that Stella had tried on the weekend prior.  With the trip to Never Summer Mountain Products completed we drove down to the lake letting Aspen stretch her legs for a spell and then we beelined it to Colorado River Trailhead inside Rocky Mountain National Park for one last peek before beginning our journey back to the city.

Colorado River Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

Though bittersweet, we can’t wait until mother nature’s snow machine really kicks into high gear. We plan to make several journeys back to Grand Lake to snowshoe and cross country ski, hence shoulder season is now upon us. Looking back, we had a great summer filled with a lot first adventures: hiking to Granite Fall inside Rocky Mountain National Park, hiking the Jenny Lake Loop via Inspiration Falls in Grand Teton National Park, kayaking Jackson Lake, seeing Old Faithful for the first time and finally after two previous attempts kayaked Red Fish Lake in Stanley, Idaho.

These are just a few of the adventures we partook in over the last 6 months, and each have their own distinct memories. This fall we will embark on a few adventures closer to home as we prepare for our winter activities. You may find us in Nederland, Evergreen and possibly bagging  a 14’er if the weather cooperates.

Bench Lakes Hike, SNRA

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