KÜHL Renegade Cargo Shorts

KÜHL Renegade Cargo Shorts

Earlier this summer, KÜHL had reached out after stumbling across our website, Base Camp @ Grand Lake. They asked if we would be interested in working together. I have always considered KÜHL products to be of high quality, and a well respected clothing company, particularly with their goal to keep their impact on the environment to a minimum. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to put the Renegade Cargo Shorts to the test.

COMFORT: The first thing I noticed was how soft and light-weight the fabric of the shorts is, which is an important attribute. Who wants to be weighed down by heavy, scratchy shorts during activities? A good majority of our summer activities include hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and paddle boarding, and these shorts have been super comfortable with everything.

The second thing I noticed is that they provide exceptional breathability. This summer, we spent time in Montana and Glacier National Park where the temps approached triple digits each day. KÜHL’s use of the Duralux fabric in the Renegade Cargo Shorts kept me comfortable and dry.

DURABILITY: One might question the durability of such a lightweight fabric, but after a 100+ miles of activity in the shorts, there is zero noticeable wear in the fabric. Whether we were on the water or on the trail, the shorts held up well.

OTHER FEATURES: KÜHL did not hold back when it came packing the Renegade Cargo Shorts with storage. In addition to the standard front and rear pockets, plus the “cargo” pockets, KÜHL has imbedded an additional pocket in each “cargo” pocket. I ended up storing my wallet in the zippered pocket inside the “cargo” pocket, making certain that it would not get lost during any of our adventures. Further, the gusseted crotch allows for freedom of movement, which not only comes in handy on the trail but also provides an extra level of movement while mountain biking.

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you are looking for the ultimate adventure short, I highly recommend the KÜHL Renegade Cargo Shorts. Not only do they provide great comfort, but they are also moisture wicking and quick drying, which is an added bonus after spending a day on the water paddling. I look forward to purchasing the Renegade Pants in the fall. Please note that these shorts fit like a glove, so you may want size up.

Overall: Excellent

Price Paid: Free

Link to KÜHL Website: KÜHL

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